Give 300 Gallons of Clean Water per day for 10 years to hundreds of kids!

When Marty goes back in November to Uganda and Kenya, she will be giving

22 schools who use our TAG 4 Change Ambassador Training

a water filter and a Soccer Ball.

Accessing clean water is one of the biggest problems many Ugandan families face day to day


Imagine a child having to drink water from a puddle to survive. Children often miss school due to illness from water born disease. You can change that! Donate a water filter today. That water filter will provide 100s of children in a school 300 gallons of clean water a day for 10 years.

For $250 you can have the satisfaction of knowing:


1. Kids are getting clean water to nourish their brain and body instead of getting sick from drinking from a puddle.


2. They are having fun playing soccer with a real soccer ball –

not one made of banana leaves and plastic bags and string (as clever as that is).


3. You receive Facebook recognition often.


4. Your logo will be on our website.


5. Your logo will go on the bucket that holds the water at the school


6. You will be presented with a photo of the bucket and the kids and the soccer ball at our celebration in January.


We now have 6 Water Filters and still needs 16 more.