BECOMING A Confidence Builds Success Leader

Confidence Builds Success Civility Training consists of Two Levels of Dynamic, Engaging, Interactive Training.


During the TAG Yourself for Success™ portion of the Confidence Builds Success Training (formerly TAG 4 Change Ambassador Training), Heather realized her Talent. And that she was a collaborator. Knowing that gave her renewed confidence.

This training starts with YOU. Why? Because you must have it, to give it. This is an opportunity for you to believe in yourself so strongly that no one can steal your confidence. What you will learn is the next evolution in personal and professional development. It is revolutionary in its approach and content. It busts through myths that we have been taught and reveals new ideas that work. It is simple, yet profound. It puts new tools in your toolbox so you can be more resilient, have more fun as you enjoy yourself and life more fully. This Foundations Leader Course is a part of the Personal Development Track. You’ll have a greater understanding of your emotions, identify your personality traits and realize how they impact your life.


The Purpose of the Confidence Builds Success Mastery Training is to learn how to connect successfully and live well with others bringing dignity,  civility, respect into to all relationships. You will work directly with Marty L Ward, Founder to learn the intricacies of this specialized training. By invitation only. 10 Graduates per year.