Services Currently Offered:

Confidence Builds Success Civility Training

  Creating a culture where everyone is treated

         with dignity, civility, and respect.

Foundations Course – Personal Development Track Training

The  Foundations Course provides you with proven personal and professional development tools that will make classroom or workplace management less stressful. Using the CBSCT tools, students and employees cooperate more easily, see themselves as talented, able, and gifted, and want to support their classmates or co-workers rather than tear them down.

To ensure that you understand and can implement what you have learned with confidence, the training will be a dynamic, interactive, engaging 3-hour class once a week for 8 weeks in the evening. Integration Assignments will lock-in the learning. The classes will be held online and in-person in the Melbourne area so you can choose what works best for you that week.

 Training will be offered April and May; June and July; September and October to just 40 people who are being selected through an application process.

The Foundations Course is a pre-requisite for the Professional Development Track Mastery Training.

➡Confidence Builds Success Civility Youth Mentor Program

➡ Classroom Presentations for Students

➡ Schools Assemblies concluding with a Being Me Matters™ Ceremony

➡ Private Coaching for Parents, Teacher, Administrators

Overview of Confidence Builds Success Youth Mentor Ambassador Training in schools:

Confidence Eliminates Bullying (CEB) focuses on developing a student’s Talents, Abilities, Gifts (TAGsTM) so that they respect themselves and know their life and the lives of others matter.


Teaches adults to honor and value students for who they are so that everyone becomes “Confidence Boosters” not “Fault Finders”.


Develops a cognitive understanding of emotions so that negative feelings are transformed into empowered action.


Promotes cooperation and support between students, teachers, parents, and administrators, helping students achieve academic success and have confidence in the face of adversity.


Teaches leadership and conflict resolution skills to students so that they can mentor others and create a win/win atmosphere throughout the school.

Youth Enrichment Afterschool Program:

As a Confidence Builds Success Youth Mentor, students develop leadership skills using a new model of Emotional Intelligence. They learn how to relate to themselves and others with confidence, compassion, connection, and civility.

CBS Youth Mentors learn how to overcome adversity with resilience and make life-affirming choices.


CBS Youth Mentors are leaders in the school community and help to create an “All for one and one for all” atmosphere in the school. As mentors, they learn to resolve conflict and set an example for the other students of how to treat others with dignity, civility and honor. CBS Youth Mentors show their classmate how to create relationships that are so meaningful that everyone becomes a Confidence Booster vs Fault Finder ™ and no one wants to hurt themselves or others.

Number of Program slots available:

Three groups of 20 students per semester go through an 8 Week CBS Youth Mentors program. Teachers, parents/grandparents are encouraged to attend and be TAG 4 Change Ambassadors in their communities as well.

Program Service Dates:

Fall Semester 2019; Winter, Spring 2019-2020.


All students 5th – 8th grade including those seen as disruptive and bullies.

Process to Obtain Services:

Call Marty 321-848-4997 for an application for the After-School CBS Youth Mentor Training Program. Set up an interview with Confidence Eliminates Bullying, Inc. Youth Ambassador Committee to discuss details of the program and how we can customize the training to the school.

Additional Information:

As students feel more confident, safe, and secure, some of the results of having CBS Youth Mentors in schools are:

? Discipline problems and suicides decrease


? Teachers and parents get greater cooperation from the students


? Increase in attendance and academic success


Being You Matters and, when students embrace this knowing for themselves and classmates, an elevated appreciation for humanity is cultivated.

Adult and student CBS Youth Mentors are trained to identify and acknowledge an individual’s Talents, Abilities, and Gifts (TAGs) so that everyone learns to honor and value the gift they are to the world. This training fosters dignity, civility, and harmony within the school, home and communities. With increased Emotional Intelligence, all levels work better together, become more resilient, resolve problems effectively.