Why creating confident kids and adults who believe in themselves so that they never believe the mean words of the bully is my passion and my mission is that I have known for decades the devastating effects of bullying personally, as well as a teacher, school based social worker, and Transformation Strategist working with entrepreneurs.


Bully has a long-term impact on lives. In fact, due to believing the bullies in my life who told me I would never make it and that I didn’t know what I was talking about, I went from being a very successful yacht broker, real estate investor, and community leader worth over a million dollars to having $7.41 in my bank account.


On the day I realized I was out of integrity with myself because I was not being who I was meant to be, I spent twelve hours writing the first book I published. In doing that, I unlocked my creative potential – my Talents, Abilities, and Gifts (TAGs). Since then, I turned my life and business around and used the TAG System I designed to guide hundreds of entrepreneurs to increase their income 10 -500% in just three months.



In 2011, my whole world stopped when I read about Ashlynn Connor, a little 10 year-old girl who was on the honor roll and a cheerleader, killed herself rather confront the bully at school one day. I cried out, “Enough!” Not another bright light needs be snuffed out nor even dimmed.


I knew that no matter what the nay sayers, dream squashers or skeptics said, nothing would stop me from creating the TAG 4 Change Movement to eliminate bullying around the world. As of September 2018, we are in 31 schools and as many churches in Uganda. By the end of December, we will be in Kenya, Burundi, and Rwanda as well. We are all working together to create confident kids who believe in themselves rather than the mean words and deeds of the bully.


The gift that my own experience with being bullied taught me is that you can’t stop the bully from saying or doing whatever they want to say or do. I realized that if we do not believe the bully we are not hurt. I designed the TAG 4 Change Ambassador Training using a new behavior model based on Emotional Intelligence. Since then, we have changed the name from TAG 4 Change Ambassadors to Confidence Builds Success Civility Leadership Training. Teachers, administrators, SRO Officers, counselors, bus drivers, are provided proven personal and professional development tools that can be applied to the social and emotional development of students. It enhances classroom management and students become more engaged and cooperative.

trained to identify and acknowledge an individual’s Talents, Abilities, and Gifts (TAGs) so that everyone learns to honor and value the gift they are to the world.


Join the ranks of our Confidence Builds Success Civility Leader graduates who include parents, teachers, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and SRO officers.

The Confidence Builds Success Civility Leadership Training is for: Schools, Corporations, Organizations, and Families. See yourself and everyone you know with TAG Eyes™ and delight in feeling great about yourself and everyone you meet. Dignity, Civility, Honor is fostered throughout our community and the world.

Donate to Confidence Eliminates Bullying, Inc 501c3 and know you are helping to eliminate bullying around the world!