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Be a Champion of Children

Sponsor a Teacher for Civility Leadership Training 

Save Our Children Fundraiser
 June 20th Celebration

Grimaldi Candy Company is Hosting
An Evening to Celebrate
“Champions for Children Contributors!”

CEB, Inc. 501c3 Nonprofit Organization
6:00 – 9:00 pm
3006 US Hwy 1
Rockledge Florida 32955

This is your special invitation from
Jim & Trisha Frazier and Tom & Susie Wasdin

Live Auction for a Grimaldi Candy Experience and
7 Authenticated Autographed Photos of Champion Baseball Players and Deluxe Gift Baskets.

Join us for food, wine, chocolate, entertainment, and fun.

The goal of this fundraising
event is to raise $5,000.

Every donation up to $5,000

will be matched. Every $1 counts!

You double your money when you contribute and more teachers get sponsored!

This will provide Confidence Builds Success Civility Training to 40 Brevard County Administrators, Teachers, SRO Officers, and Counselors,  so 800 students will know every day “Being Me Matters” and they are a gift to our world. Imagine a school where everyone is a Confidence Booster vs a Fault Finder and kids feel safe and secure because a culture of dignity, civility and honor has been created.

Please join in the support to keep the light of each
precious child shining strong and bright.


The Confidence Builds Success Civility Training creates a Success Ripple Effect™ where children learn to:

    Believe in themselves rather than the mean words of the bully.

    Respect themselves and know their life and the life of others matter.

    Feel loved, appreciated, happy and productive.

   Demonstrate resilience in the face of adversity; feeling safer and more secure.

    Become less likely to hurt themselves or others.”

“The Confidence Builds Success Civility Training is a valuable tool for me as a teacher. It gives teachers a clear system to identify each student’s talents, abilities, and gifts which in turn gives students the ability to have confidence in themselves.

My classroom management has improved by understanding and implementing this material.  It offers an opportunity for teachers to be aware of how they interact with the student and why the student reacts negatively and how to respond differently to get the result they want.”

Natasha TAG

Natasha Douglas, Teacher Brevard Schools 

“ Your training has reduced stress & conflicts daily by more than 50% on the job and in my personal life.” 

Heather D Walcott, counselor and teacher

Tickets $100. Click and make your donation and reserve your spot or
RSVP to Susie Wasdin at
RentLady1@gmail.com or
Dress: Business Casual

Suggested tax-deductible donation $100 p/person.

Every penny counts!

If you are unable to attend, please send your donation to: Confidence Eliminates Bullying, Inc. 924 Shaw Circle, Melbourne, Fl 32940.
Click on the button and decide at what level you would like to support having children feeling great about who they are.

Sponsorships Available to get your business known in our community. Call Marty 321-848-4997 or Susie Wasdin 321-604-5134 . 

Passionate for Children

Your table for Six will have Champaign and Chocolate waiting for you and your guests.
Have a full-page ad in the program. Be mentioned in all our Social Media. Be listed on our TAG4Change.com webpage as one of our Passionate for Children Sponsors.

Ambassador for Children

You and a guest will enjoy a delightful evening. Have a half-page ad in the program.
Be mentioned in all our Social Media. Be listed on our TAG4Change.com webpage as one of our Ambassadors for Children Sponsors.

Supporter of Children

Listed in the program. Be mentioned in all our Social Media. Be listed on our TAG4Change.com webpage as one of our Supporters of Children Sponsors.

RSVP to Susie Wasdin at
RentLady1@gmail.com or 321-604-5134

This event is being held at:


Grimaldi Candy Company
3006 US Hwy 1
Rockledge, Fl


Dress: Business Casual


June 20th
6 – 9 PM

Big Thank You to Our Sponsors
Passionate for Children $1000
Ambassador for Children $500
Supporter of Children $250