Be a Champion for Children

The goal of 501c3 Confidence Eliminates Bullying, Inc and Confidence Builds Success Academy, Inc. is to make bullying obsolete and have civility be a way of life.


Please join in the support to keep the light of each
precious child shining strong and bright.


The Confidence Builds Success Civility Leadership Training for teachers creates a Success Ripple Effect™ where teachers’ training impacts the social, emotional development of the children so that they:

    Believe in themselves rather than the mean words of the bully.

    Respect themselves and know their life and the life of others matter.

    Feel loved, appreciated, happy and productive.

   Demonstrate resilience in the face of adversity; feeling safer and more secure.

    Become less likely to hurt themselves or others.


where everyone looks for the good in each other. 


As our teachers and students connect and communicate effectively with a sense of well-being and joy, they will bring out the best in each other and feel confident and secure about who you are. They will believe in themselves and not the mean words of the bully. 


GOAL ACHIEVED – 50% Reduction in Stress and Conflict!

Heather D Walcott, counselor and teacher, said:” Your Civility Leadership Training has reduced stress & conflicts daily by more than 50% on the job and in my personal life.

I used to be an authoritative parent, now I really am focusing on TAGGING (telling kids how Talented, Able, and Gifted they are) my kids and the students in my class. It has reduced the power struggles and conflicts I used to deal with. 

Not only is my older child back on track and achieving success at school but everyone is getting along better. At work, since I have been guiding the kids to communicate with each other vs just giving a time out or no recess to deal with an argument, they are developing empathy and cooperating. For the first time, the kids are encouraging each other to behave. Thank you, Marty. My life is much more peaceful and work is more enjoyable.”




Natasha Douglas, Teacher Brevard Schools, South Area Alternative Learning Center, recommends the Confidence Build Success Civility Leadership Training. “It is a valuable tool for me as a teacher. It gives teachers a clear system to identify each student’s talents, abilities, and gifts which in turn gives students the ability to have confidence in themselves.

I would recommend the training program for all teachers. It offers an opportunity for teachers to be aware of how they interact with the student and why the student reacts negatively and how to respond differently to get the result they want.”











Jonathan Schuman, High School teacher in Palm Bay experienced a 50% decrease referrals for disciplinary action; students were 20 % less resistant change their negative behavior, and he saw a 10% improvement in students’ overall grades.



Please join in and sponsor a teacher. Keep the light of each precious child shining strong and bright each day as they learn what a gift they are to our world.

When children know that, “BEING ME MATTERS!”, then they will not hurt themselves or others. 


Sponsorships Available to get your business known in our community. Call Marty 321-848-4997 

Thank you to our current sponsors who were a part of tripling our Save Our Children Fundraising goal on June 20th of $5,000! Total raised was $16,410!  Now, more teachers can receive the training at no cost to them!